South Bay Fishery is a family owned & operated seafood importer based out of San Diego. With millions of pounds of seafood, frozen and fresh from all over the world, we offer a reliable source of seafood with a great value. Open to the public, we specialize in distribution & wholesale. We carry a wide selection of fresh seafood and we’re proud of the recognition our high-quality sushi/sashimi grade offerings have gained with chefs – some as far away as Japan, Hawaii, & Canada.

Whatever your specifications are, we will be able to help! Our wide network of suppliers allows us to source sustainable, quality seafood. Our mission is to strive to exceed customer expectations in providing quality seafood in greater San Diego.

Our 20,000 sqare foot space makes it an easy to shop fishery for locals & restaurants whom are interested in purchasing fresh & frozen seafood wholesale. No order is too big or too small, and all locals receive wholesale pricing!


Growing up near Palermo, Sicily, Alberto Morreale, at age 14, he began cooking for his family, igniting his love for the craft. Nowadays, the executive chef at Fig Tree Café credits his upbringing for instilling a lifelong passion for fresh and locally sourced cuisine. “Food doesn’t need to be complicated, but it is important to know where it comes from”, according to Morreale.

Morreale attended the Culinary School of Milan and fine-tuned his cooking skills with apprenticeships in northern Italy at the Mathari Bistro and the Vincenzo Trattoria in Bergamo. In 1995, Morreale’s passion led him to the United States where he settled in San Diego.

When the apron is off, Morreale enjoys off-road motorcycles, restoring vintage cars, outdoor activities and cooking with his wife and daughter at home.


Executive Chef Marco Provino’s passion for cooking started at a very young age. Growing up in Bagheria, Sicily, which is known for its stunning gardens and sumptuous villas, Provino would often help his mother and grandmother make ravioli, lasagna, fresh pomodoro sauce and tiramisu, or help his father tend to their garden. This gave Provino a deep appreciation for where his food came from, and helped feed his cooking philosophy of using high quality ingredients always.

After culinary school, Provino took his first chef job working in Palermo, where every morning he sourced fresh fish right off the docks, and local produce from the markets. Once he moved to the US, he took a job as executive chef in the bustling Gaslamp, where he learned to serve great food in a fast-paced environment. Now, with experience working in many types of restaurants, Provino is ready open an eatery that pays homage to his Italian roots; where a sense of community and warm service goes hand-in-hand with great food at modest prices.