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If you’re looking for somewhere in San Diego to buy fresh caught fish at wholesale prices, you’ve come to the right place. Here at South Bay Fishery, we offer all of our seafood at wholesale prices to both the public and chefs alike. Our local fishermen run our filleting service, allowing guests to receive premium fillets and sushi grade fish. If you desire San Diego caught fish, we do have a wide variety of fresh and local seafood for you to peruse. Favorites of the locals have been our Wild Caught Salmon, Black Cod, and White Sea Bass. 

Best Frozen Seafood

Along with our fresh seafood, we also stay stocked up on frozen seafood, such as baby octopus, calamari, Chilean Sea Bass, clams, sushi grade Hamachi Yellowtail, and more! 


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San Diego Seafood

The majority of our seafood is sourced straight from Southern California and Baja California by our local fishermen and is considered the best seafood in San Diego. In fact, the first cannery opened in 1909 and at one time San Diego was known as the “Tuna Capital of the World” with two of the country’s three biggest tuna canneries being based along its Bay. Nowadays, we like to think of our fish market as the seafood capital of San Diego since we source fresh and frozen seafood from not only from San Diego, but all over the world.


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South Bay Fishery Is Ready to Take Your Orders!

South Bay Fishery Is Ready to Take Your Orders!

Stop by our retail shop or request a quote online for wholesale! South Bay Fishery is now open to the public! Do you want to cook seafood for tonight? Shrimp, Lobster, shellfish, whole fish, fillets, and more await chefs & restaurants at wholesale prices! If you...

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